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Hand-Steamer or Vertical Steamer – How do I Choose?

Do you have a hard time deciding what steamer to buy? In this article we list the major differences between a hand-steamer and a vertical steamer.

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to steamers is: "What is the difference between a vertical steamer and a hand-steamer – and how do I choose?". It’s not as complicated as you think. In best of worlds, you own both a hand-steamer and a vertical steamer as they meet different needs. But if you don't have that possibility, there are some simple guidelines.

When to Buy a Hand-steamer

A hand-steamer is a small and neat steamer that you hold in your hand when you steam. It removes wrinkles just as effective as the larger steamers, but for thicker fabrics like denim you might have to steam a bit longer. In return a hand-steamer is easy to bring on travels and ideal for a compact living. When using a hand-steamer you must press the button to release steam. The water tank holds enough water for four garments. If you want to steam several garments at the same time, it’s more practical with a vertical steamer. At Steamery we offer two different hand-steamers, Cirrus No.1 and Cirrus No.2

Choose a hand-steamer if:
  • You want to steam outfits when travelling
  • You’re living compact
  • Want to spruce up home textiles like pillows or curtains

When to Buy a Vertical Steamer

If you have a closet full of steam friendly garments like dresses, blouses or shirts – then it’s likely you want our vertical steamer Cumulus No.3. Cumulus No.3 has two steam modes, reduced and normal. Reduced steam is for steaming sensitive fabrics like silk or viscose and the standard mode is for thicker fabrics like jeans. The vertical steamer Cumulus No.3. releases steam continuously, which is very handy when you’re steaming many garments at the same time. An obvious downside with a vertical steamer is that it’s not meant for travelling. It’s also not as easy to use for steaming home textiles like pillows or curtains.

Choose a vertical steamer if:
  • You have a bigger closet
  • Want to steam a lot or often
  • You have a lot of floor space
  • Don't have the need to bring a steamer on travels
Note that our Stratus Steamer is foremost made for retailers, so we won’t go further into it in this article. Read more about the Stratus here.

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